About Us

Located to the East of Ipswich and covering all of Suffolk and North Essex, we serve individuals and families who want their wealth to survive for future generations. Our clients share:

  • a deep appreciation for the hard work required to create their wealth.

  • a goal to avoid the permanent loss of capital and grow assets.

  • a desire to transfer wealth to family members and charities.

  • an interest in ensuring the continuation of their family values.

  • a determination to work with a wealth management firm they can trust.

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At Langham Associates we are proud of the investment performance that we are achieving for our clients. Our portfolios are constructed with different risk levels ranging from a low risk to a high risk approach. They are constructed using different asset classes including cash, Fixed Interest - such as Gilts - and Global Equities, thus giving a diverse portfolio of investment. Below is a summary of the last 5 years performance of our passive portfolios. Passive funds are low cost tracker index funds which helps to keep investment costs to a minimum. These portfolios have a fund charge averaging at 0.15% per annum. The data history is sourced via FE analytics. The full performance data can be downloaded here. Data updated 5th June 2017.

Please note past performance is no guarantee to future returns and you should be comfortable with the risk level you are willing to take.


100% of our clients rate our service as either excellent or very good and

believe our service offers value for money.

Overall, how would you rate our service?  


“I have dealt with Chris since 1996. Since that time he has looked after all my financial affairs. I trust him implicitly and have recommended him to several of my friends and family”.


Client Satisfaction Feedback


1.    Was our adviser courteous, professional and polite?                      Yes    


2.    Did we answer all your questions fully?                                             Yes    


3.    Did we produce documentation accurately and speedily?             Yes


4.    Do you believe the cost for our service offered value for money? Yes

—  Gary H, Kent
Chris Smith
Managing Director

Langham Associates Ltd was established by Chris Smith in 1996.


Prior to this Chris spent over 6 years working in Financial Services employed by large corporations including Prudential, Canada Life and Bristol & West Building Society. Chris held several different roles both at adviser level and senior management.


Chris is fully qualified and very passionate about what he does.


"Prevention is better than cure. I never want to see families suffer unnecessarily as a result of financial planning failure."


Chris prides himself on building trustworthy and reliable relationships with his valued clients, some of which he worked with for over 20 years.


When not working Chris likes sailing, cycling, tennis, running and spending time with his retrievers Oscar & Alfie.