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Financial Planning

Our experience has shown us that financial advice is all about peace of mind. Thus ensuring that you have sufficient money at given stages in your life. For example, one of the key concerns clients have is will I run out of money in retirement? 

Therefore, to ensure that you can meet all your financial objectives it is imperative that you invest your money wisely.

So how do we invest wisely? 


We do this by listening, discussing, understanding what you want to achieve and taking into account your concerns.  We look at the risk you are willing/unwilling to take and also review your tax situation.


Once we have a clear picture of your circumstances we can make our recommendations and produce a detailed report on the best way forward to ensure your future financial security.


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Maximise your tax allowance

Saving for education and retirement

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How we work

Following an initial consultation in which we discuss all aspects of your financial position and aspirations we use our knowledge and experience to produce an in depth report outlining your financial lifestyle, or your hypothetical cash flow and its effects on your net worth.


Our analysis provides you with broad and general guidelines, which may be helpful in shaping your thinking about your planning needs.

Some example reports can be viewed below.


Retirement Planning Report

We can help you identify how much income you need in your pension to meet your current lifestyle in retirement. 

It’s never too late to review your pension needs.

Education Funding Report

This gives you an indication of how much you need to save for your children's future education costs.

Inflation is also taken into account together with the rising education costs. 

Care Fee Report

An insight into the true impact on the value of your savings and estate, this report gives an indication of the future cost of care, taking into account inflation and the rising costs of care.

Holistic Advice Report

This covers all of your financial needs such as, family protection, income replacement, school/university fees, retirement, care costs etc. 

Clicking on the link below will give you an idea of what you can expect to see.

Attitude to risk report

This questionnaire helps us to find out the level of risk you are willing/unwilling to make when it comes to money.  This isn’t about being risky in life, this is your attitude to money, and a key component to every single piece of advice we give.

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