Money, That’s What I Want

Money that’s what I want

Everybody knows the lyrics of Money by The Beatles, and we all acknowledge Money can’t buy everything but it can get you a lot. Growing investments and increasing your money is one of the major factors in investing.

So what can be done to ensure your investments continue to grow? When you begin your investment journey, you will have completed a Factfind and Attitude to Risk questionnaire which enables your IFA to place your money in an investment most likely to give you the return you’d like within the limits of your comfortable investing strategy. But what happens after you’ve commenced your investment journey?

One aspect or part of an annual review includes a comparison of your current strategy against any newer portfolio for performance. This comparison gives your IFA the opportunity to test your investment against an industry benchmark and newer portfolios and understand if you are getting the best return you could.

At Langham Associates Ltd we regularly review our investment portfolios, creating our own new investment opportunity throughout the year. Each of our reviews runs a comparison to gauge the performance of our client’s current investments against industry benchmarks and any updated portfolio. This enables us to give you the most accurate information on maintaining and growing your money. Being able to check circumstances means knowing you are in the best portfolios for your objectives and not over exposed to risks.

Rest assured we believe our Langham Portfolios always perform competitively and we pride ourselves on providing this bespoke service to our clients. With this in mind you begin to understand the effort that goes into YOUR annual review and why we believe it is so important to meet each year and update your information accordingly.

And if you are thinking of investing and want a dynamic financial advice team give us a call. With over 20 years of experience and with a boutique service aimed at personal objectives, Langham Associates Ltd offers a tremendous service. Call us on 01473 487611 or email