The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go on

Happy 2019! The Langham team are all now back at their desks and wondering if Christmas ever really happened at all. With a flurry of activity we are now getting back to the tasks of Annual Reviews and portfolio planning amongst many others. In the words of Queen “The Show Must Go On”!

As ever checking investment performances and seeing where improvements can genuinely improve growth for clients is a vital part of our work. Taking the time to meet clients and understand their objectives gives us the information we need to advise on where to invest prudently and successfully.

One of our key fact find questions is ‘Do you have a Will?’ and whilst it’s estimated 70% of adults don’t, we are always keen to highlight the benefits of having a Will. Sitting alongside that is ensuring clients do fill in their nominated person on the Death Benefits of their investments. Monies received from a Pension Death Benefit usually do not make up part of a person’s estate and therefore are not part of the inheritance tax equation, a tax efficient way of ensuring your family are not penalised for your financial saving.

Having staff that can not only work for your current financial future but also offer estate planning that compliments your family needs is all part of why choosing Langham Associates is good for your investment journey. speak to Langham Associates for all your financial options on 01473 487611 or email for more information