What a difference a day makes – 24 little hours

What a difference a day makes – 24 little hours

One of the hardest parts of being an IFA can be getting clients to invest their time in reviewing their investments. Sounds silly but diarising an appointment 1 day a year can feel like pulling teeth… and remember how keen we all our to attend our dental appointments!! Most support staff in an IFA’s employment will tell you they feel like the worst type of cold caller when trying to encourage clients to go forward with an annual review.

It’s easy to forget the importance of checking over your investments each year. After all your money is invested, you can see it growing (hopefully) and you are comfortable with the status quo. And the reasons not to tie yourself to a timed session with your IFA are numerous, time at work, time with children, time on holidays. If we’re honest the idea of spending your precious time talking investments with an IFA can leave most of us with a fear of falling asleep….. BUT you went to the trouble of choosing an IFA to assist you in planning for your financial future, so engaging with them to ensure the continued growth and suitability of your investment makes sense.

So what can you expect from your review? Firstly understanding the changes that affect your investments gives your IFA the insight into whether the current selected portfolios the best product for your needs. Were you investing for your children’s education and have they now finished University? Immediately your needs have changed. Were you investing for home purchasing but have subsequently bought another property? Your needs have changed. Are you investing for retirement and downsized your property? Your needs have changed. Have you changed employment or had an inheritance… You know the answer, YOUR NEEDS HAVE CHANGED.

Re-evaluating your current portfolio, checking your Attitude to Risk and updating your lifestyle report gives your IFA the opportunity to fine tune the recommendations personal to you and the outcomes you are working for. Better recommendations means better service. Potentially it means a greater return on your money.

24 hours can make such a difference so why wouldn’t you take that review appointment with your IFA? So contact Langham Associates Ltd now for your financial Review on 01473 487611 or email theteam@langham-associates.co.uk