A busy week at Langhams

This week at Langhams. Meetings in Sudbury, Wickford and Basildon. Just a snippet of some of our work this week.

Battlesbridge Antique Centre

Pension investment and consolidation

A client held a pension fund with Friends Life and wanted to consolidate with his existing pensions. He discovered the current funds were very high risk, yet he is a cautious individual. This was a clear mis-match against his risk level.

We provided our lifestyle report which showed a small shortfall on pension income in retirement. A discussion was held as to how the client can get back on track to ensure that they can enjoy and sustain their lifestyle in retirement.

Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney advice

A client runs his own business, the value of the business means that he exceeds the Inheritance Tax threshold. he wanted to re-draft his Will. We ensured that the use of trust and separate business executors can ensure safe and tax free transition on death. We also set up a commercial Lasting Power of Attorney to ensure that if he loses temporary or permanent loss of capacity the business can continue.

Pension review business owner

An existing client wants to add and employer single contribution to reduce the tax liability. We also discussed the risk and how to invest his current pension and any future contributions going forward. The clients long term plan is to purchase a commercial premises within his pension (SIPP), but so far no properties appropriate have come onto the market.