Estate Planning

Protecting your family is an essential part of our service and our mission statement couldn’t be more apt.  Prevention really is paramount in an area a lot of people tend to avoid.

We discuss inheritance tax strategies, how trusts work, the reality of getting sick or injured and what happens if you die without making a Will.  A sobering subject, and not one many people want to talk about let alone plan for.


Estate planning is a crucial aspect of Financial Advice. It is about setting the right documents in place to protect you, your family and your assets so it is not left to chance.

Inheritance Tax

This was and still is considered something only the ‘rich’ paid.  However, with rising property prices, more and more people are paying inheritance tax.  Many people are caught without using some of the tax mitigating tools that are available to them.  The nil rate band with the introduction of the residential nil rate band is set to increase but how does it affect you?

We can advise you on the potential tax bill your family may face and ways of legitimately mitigating this bill through use of reliefs available.

Wills & Trusts

According to Will Aid 27 Million adults (approximately 53%) of the UK adult population do not have a Will. That does not take into account invalid or out of date Wills.

Yet without a Will we leave our estate distribution to chance. There can be delays on how and when our estate is distributed which can add unnecessary grief and hardship on our loved ones left behind.

We appreciate contemplation of our own death is not something we want to think about yet our family is the most single important factor in our life. 

For the sake of a few hundred pounds and a little thought we can draft your Will to take care of things if something untimely went wrong.

Lasting Power of Attorney

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 saw the implementation of the Lasting Power of Attorney in 2007.


Who would look after your finances if you could not?


Who would deal with your care if you were incapacitated?


In simple terms without a Lasting Power of Attorney the answers are nobody. This could have catastrophic effects on your finances and well-being.

Our role is to advise and draw up Lasting Powers of Attorneys on behalf of our clients to safeguard your finances and welfare in this unforseeable event.